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Yukon Transportation Museum Presentation - June 11, 2017

Ewa is a Yukon adventurer whose travels have taken her trekking across the Canadian high arctic, climbing up the slopes of Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro and kayaking over Alaskan waters on the Pacific coast. Her latest expedition was inspired by a deeply personal family story - the forced deportation of her mother from Poland during WWII. Ewa will share some general information on why bicycles are the perfect slow travel vehicle, while highlighting some of her experiences on the 8000 km trip from Poland through Central Asia and into Iran. 

Rotary Club of Whitehorse presentation (2016-06-17) - Ewa Dembek riding in her mother's footsteps to freedom.

Last Friday, Yukon government policy analyst Ewa Dembek accompanied by filmmaker Lee Carruthers gave a powerful and riveting account of their journey last year as she realized a long-held goal - to retrace by bicycle her mother's epic journey as a 10-year-old Polish refugee fleeing the Siberian Gulag work camps to freedom in Iran in World War II.

Her tale of how this epic journey began, literally with the story of a mushroom, was amazing. Their many experiences and all the people they met along the way, the many kindnesses they received and success during the six month, seven country and 8000 kilometre journey speak volumes of Ewa's determination to honour her mother's journey to freedom. They are currently speaking around the country to raise funds to complete a feature-length movie called, Freedom Spoke, as well as a documentary TV program.  

Huffington Post: Agents of Change - 5 Captivating Souls Generating Positive Change. By Greg Archer 06.04.2015 Eight-thousand kilometers, eight countries, six months—on a bicyle? And all to mark the 75th anniversary of Polish exiles from the early 1940s? Now that’s something that is just begging for a closer look.

CBC News: Yukoners plan epic bike trip to commemorate Stalin's Polish exiles. (2015-05-03)

It's not something many people are inclined to celebrate — this year's 75th anniversary of Stalin's mass deportation of Poles to Siberia.

But two Yukoners are choosing to commemorate and honour those exiles this summer by retracing their journey, on bikes. Ewa Dembek and Lee Carruthers plan to cycle 8,000 kilometers from Warsaw, Poland to Iran.

One of those Polish exiles was Dembek's mother. 

CBC Yukon- A New Day interview with Sandi Coleman on SoundCloud

A Whitehorse cyclist is re-creating a tragic route her mother took during the Second World War. Ewa Dembek plans to cycle from Poland to Iran to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Stalin's plan to relocate tens of thousands of people from Poland to work camps in northern Russia. She and Lee Carruthers told Sandi Coleman more about it.


Manchester, May 2016- Europia and Kresy-Siberia Foundation sponsored presentation.

Toronto, May 2016 - Polish Canadian Congress supported presentations (Copernicus Lodge, Klub Seniorow, ZHP Kanada).

Whitehorse, June 2016 - Rotary Club of Whitehorse sponsored presentation.

Whitehorse, June 11, 2017 - Yukon Transportation Museum presentation on travel on bicycles.