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Day 2 On the Road

Posted by Sybirak Cycle on May 14, 2015 at 3:55 AM
Please excuse this single paragraph entry. My tablet died and the original properly paragraphed text was on it. Thiss was copied from Facebook which apparently removes linefeeds Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Spent a night in the forest about 55 km back. Cuckoos making clock-like sounds well into the night. My first encounter with such birds and certainly a thrill to hear them. Yes, they sound like the clocks, or maybe the clocks sound like the birdsSet up my new Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 UL for the first time. It worked in the rain that fell much of the night. Pretty smallfor a 2 person tent but still bigger than my old MSR single person. No leaks and easy to set up. Another piece of untested gear was my new Thermarest NeoAir mattress. Again, flawless execution and not much potato chip action. A very good sleep in the Polski pines. We arose expecting to make porridge and coffee. Alas, some dope had bought the wrong type of butane cartidges for our stoves. I now know there is a 3rd type for French Bluet stoves and that is what I bought. A no-go for MSR. So we peddled for almost an hour before finding a breakfast place. The sun was out but the traffic was heavy, with no shoulder. Fortunately, Polish drivers are quite polite and close passes rare. There was one motorcycle that went by us at what I would guess was over 200 kph. This is no exaggeration. Right after that we came to a cross beside the road with a motorcycle helmet on the top. Breakfast was at a bar. Scrambled eggs with kubasa and thick black coffee served by an older woman who gestured toward her heart when Ewa ordered me a second cup. LOL! The washroom was spotless, with bright purple tiles. We hit the road though largely gorgeous mixed forest and fields and small villages. Even the larger towns were picture perfect, neat and tidy. Traffic density rose and fell but paved shoulders stubbornly refused to appear. Dogs here are largely behind fences, except for a group of two who did us no harm despite some aggressive body and verbal language. The sun was largely present and a tail wind prevailed. We passed a few wind turbines. Supper at a bar near the outskirts of Socolow Podlaski, served by a strikingly beautiful red haired young woman. We decided to find a hotel so spent a while wandering from direction-giver to direction-giver before finding one that appeared to be in the middle of a park. $20/ night with breakfast. A bit classy but what is one to do when the sun is descending in the city?

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