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May 10, 2015

Posted by Sybirak Cycle on May 11, 2015 at 6:05 AM

Sunday May 10, 2015

A lot of screwing with tech again today. Just fired up a new text prog and the keyboard ran away with the spoons.

Sleep still messed up with jet lag, after catching up on it yesterday. To bed at 2:00 this morning after another board game,this one called DiXit. Woke up at 0700 and the monkey kept me wide awake until I finally gave it up at 9:00. So, out for breakfast while the rest of the house slept (except for Rudy the cat who always meets me coming out of the bathroom).

Streets freshly wet with rain, not cold though. Bells on church ringing as I walked the 1/2 block to Starbucks. Never visit the place at home but it's handy here, with wifi.

Yesterday our hosts, Ania and Lukaz, took us on a bike ride across the bridge and to a great breakfast spot, complete with local TV celebrities. Browsed a bike shop and visited the university library. It was a glorious ivy-covered place with a rooftop garden. Everything metal seemed to be weathered copper-green. An interesting poster exhibit in the attrium with many tempting images. I was reminded, wistfully, of the east European penchant for such stuff and how it mysteriously appears to reside somewhere in my past experience.

There was a lot of discussion of Warsaw's wartime tragedies, one of which was the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Our hosts are taking us to the museum of that event today. Interesting to experience a culture so steeped in wartime suffering, as compared to ours which, particularly now, only exports suffering to other regions.

Warsaw is sooooo cycling-friendly, with bike paths everywhere and plenty of racks to park them. And, unlike Whitehorse, you are never the lone rider on the road. Here they give up major space on their bridges for walkers and cyclists, equivalent to a full car lane on each side.

I keep running into Polish people who look like people I know at home. Today it was Tara behind the till and Shelley in line. Last night we had dinner at an Italian place and discussed the "look" of people here and elsewhere. We had walked in and our server addressed me in English. I was told I had a British look about me, whereas Ewa looks like a local (which she genetically is). Then again, we spoke some English coming in the door.

We did some bike work yesterday, Ewa mounting her new lock and headlight and me reworking my handlebars with faux aero bars, new grips and a mount for my phone. The mount for my GPS/bike computer has vanished so that will be an improv I guess.

I returned to the apartment and Lukaz and Ania left to vote for a president. She was favouring an ex rock star for his genuineness. Ewa was working away at other tech challenges, including posting through Instagram.

We ae both feeling a little silly staring into our phones and tablets ad infinitum. The thing is it takes a lot of tech time getting the communications project underway.

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