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Another Day of Detail Work

Posted by Sybirak Cycle on April 24, 2015 at 2:45 AM

Spent much of my day reviewing a couple of dozen SD cards, saving the necessary info (not much), formatting them and putting them into their little plastic boxes and thence into various little pouches, separating the micro SD cards from the regular SD cards. The micros go with the GoPro and the audio recorders.

Also dug out my microphones and audio recorders. My lav mic has mysteriously disappeared but he wireless transmitter and receiver haven't. Optioned the recorders, checked and bought batteries as required. Yesterday, I did other technical camera and audio related chores, as well as putting my music into a usable form for the trip. All necessary but tedious.

Labelled my portable HDDs, worked out how to transfer files through my phone, etc. etc. This after a couple of days of thinking I really needed to take along a small laptop, trying to resuscitate my netbook, throwing it in the garbage, blah blah and blah. Lighter this way.

All of this has to go into various pouches and cases. Steady but painful and often lonely progress. Oh yeah - I got the Russian visa!! As did Ewa.

Maps and kite arrived in the mail. Also found my second piece of Edziza lava, long lost, in the duffel bag I used for my mobile social worker job.

Tonight I emailed off a supplementary letter for my Belarus visa application, ordered a new battery for my phone (it had suddenly started to show its age).

Went to the Reel Paddling Festival. A good film on the Grand Canyon of the Stikine, among others. The Museum of Broken Hearts exhibit at the gallery was heart-breakingly sad, at least for me. i so miss my dog.

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