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Computer Hell

Posted by Sybirak Cycle on April 21, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Since we're making a film of this little trip, I need a laptop along to interface with the three 2 TB HDDs that will store the video files. I pulled out my little netbook the other day and fired it up, for the first time in almost a year. It behaved strangely and was terribly slow. I messed with it for awhile but gave it up. Took it to the store and signed it up for service. That was $50 so I looked at the new ones on the shelf.

There was one there for $350 so I bought it, paying $200 with the prepaid credit card they gave me as a going away gift at work. That eased the pain. I picked up my old one and took it home too, saving the $50. I am a little uneasy about taking a new netbook along, what with hazards on the way. I wouldn't hurt so much to lose the old one.

The new netbook proved to be better but no great shakes at speed. I messed with that (and its Windows 8 OS) for a day and took it back. Had a discussion with the service guy and he hinted it may just be a software problem with the old one. So I spent some time on the net looking for info on formatting it, which I eventually found.

Did the procedure and it went fine except now the screen has been telling me "Setup is starting services" for over an hour. Hope begins to dim, again. This is tedious and time-consuming stuff.

On another note, I got the website blog going so this will appear on the Facebook group page and This followed a telephone discussion with Ewa about using the web interface to make the changes. It's a little surreal talking to her about this and other preparations as the clock winds down to departure. The Things To Do list remains long.

But, the sun is shining over a breezy blue sky . . .

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